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Tutoring and Mentoring for

Golden Mti focuses on underserved communities in Calgary, such as BIPOC individuals and visible minorities. By following the principles of equity, Golden Mti’s primary beneficiaries are Black identifying communities. This includes students who self-identify as African, Caribbean, Black American, Afro-Latino, bi-racial, multi-racial, etc. On a broader spectrum, Golden Mti welcomes other ethnic communities/visible minorities to support our programs as tutors, mentors, or workshop hosts.

It’s Never Too Early to Start Learning

Education is the foundation for a fulfilling life and career. At Golden Mti, we take education to a higher level by supporting academic growth, equipping youth with tools and resources to attain personal achievements, while strengthening cultural roots and knowledge.

Our dedicated team of tutors take the time to understand your  primary learning styles to ensure your academic success!

Learn how to write a resume and cover letter, apply for jobs, choose a university major, or how to do your taxes!

Dreaming of becoming a doctor, and international entrepreneur, or a business owner? Connect with professionals in every fields and higher education students to learn how you can get there!

We help youth be inquisitive and think critically by developing analytical and research skills!


Here's what we've been up to. To know more, about events and networking, visit our social platforms!

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