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Our Goals

We prioritize building trust between parents and guardians with our tutors and mentors. We know how difficult it is for African/black students to be connected with a community that understands their unique struggles. In order to combat this we have decided to prioritize building strategic friendships and partnerships with organizations within Calgary to ensure the youth feel connected to their Calgary community regardless of social and economic backgrounds as we pursue academic excellence together.

Uniting BIPOC 

children in Calgary


We’ve all heard the stereotypes about black people and immigrants. Having a parent whose first language is not English, and coming from a family that is experiencing the Alberta education system for the first time places many students at a disadvantage. The results are damaging and oftentimes lead school counselors to send black students into lower stream classes that impact their university acceptance. This further perpetuates stereotypes about the black community. We have committed ourselves to demolishing this stereotype and reconstructing it by mentoring students and being strategic with the education system in order to place the student in the best position to enter university.

Deconstructing stereotypes


1. Elementary and junior high students are in the beginning stages of understanding what education means to them. This is the opportune time to mold and change mindsets about the power and importance of education. We believe by engaging with this cohort we can enable them to see how higher education can lead them into opportunities they did not know existed. 

2. When our students finish with our program we want to instill confidence in the individual about their capability as a lifelong student, and equip them with the knowledge that they are capable of achieving everything they desire. 

3. Our high school program is focused on being prepared as they enter university and expanding their knowledge about the jobs and opportunities available. We will be hosting monthly workshops to meet these needs

Building new foundations of excellence to pursue higher education


1. Tutoring and mentoring available to grades 3/4 to grade 9 

2. High school students: Mentoring available and training on university applications, resume and cover letter assistance, financial literacy and tips for transitioning to university

target groups


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